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Features on Marketing and Promotion

With its timely and interactive characteristics, invariably presents tremendous business value in regard to the breadth and depth of its contents. CBM


studied its marketing and promotion strategy and below are tentative findings to share. personal homepage could function as a personal blog, while a message board, recently-visited shows, reviews, sharing, friend shows, group shows and more are also integrated. If one visits the other’s page, the information of visitors will leave including messages. Reversely, when seeing a message or visit the information, one normally will pay a return visit to. As a promoter of network marketing, it could not be wise enough to visit pages or message others in order to obtain a return visit to increase blog clicks ratio with limited labor force alone. To express the information to customers or potential customers efficiently, rapidly and accurately desperately demands a powerful automated dissemination tool. Meanwhile, the enormous potential benefits brought by effective dissemination can be immeasurable.

Information of promotion bearing on functions as: 1. Status 2. Albums 3. Logs 4. Messaging 5. Station Letters 6. Sharing 7. Forum and others capable of carrying marketing information. Hereby we merely guide a detailed tutorial directing at seven points mentioned above.

  1. Status (Promotion)

Once a status message in submitted, it will show on pages of all the friends’ at the same time and bring the sequent replies. Friends may be instructed to view the products’ pictures or make direct purchases by editing status.

  1. Albums provides college students with various product’s statistics and pictures. Downloading them from, uploading to personal albums and sharing with friends constitute a chain of marketing. By Albums, many people will make inquires about products and contact them with QQ messaging.

  1. Logs

Logs are mainly advertorials in the sense that friends do not prefer to blunt advertisements. Taking cosmetic products bought by a girl as an instance, she is more likely to post some advertorials expressing the affordable price and high quality. These logs definitely result that many girls come to ask where the products are bought.

  1. Messaging

Signing up another account with avatar initially and then leaving messages of advertisements URL or QQ number on public homepages and friends’ pages. It is recommended that website address of Taobao virtual store is enclosed. Please remember to change the contents of messaging or expressive ways, or your messages may be reported to spam.

  1. Station Letters

The marketing effect of Station Letters are not appreciated for only 5 station letters, which is the counterpart of E-mails, are permitted per account. It is suggested it would be a waste of time, otherwise tons of accounts are possessed.

  1. Sharing
  1. Renren Forum

It can be a considerable approach to post in the Forum. Marketing via Renren Forum depends on variables such as flow rate.

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  1. Jacob Clark said

    Now I see why it’s so popular among the young.

  2. Nerissa said

    I think Chinese students like this. But businessmen prefer facebook.

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